Monday, May 28, 2018

Memorial Day Weekend

What does a long weekend feel like when you are retired? Pretty much the same as the rest of the week, but with hubby home, too. Pretty nice! Saturday was a day to go recycling and shop for groceries. We did some comparison shopping at Lowe's and Home Depot for wheelbarrows. I bought a cowl neck top pattern at Joann's. The pattern price is $19.95, good grief! Joann's always sells patterns at 40% off but I got this one for $1.99 because there was a sale.

Sunday: A canoe paddle on Pleasant Pond. We put in at the Route 197 end and paddled for a while. We decided to turn around while we still had paddling power in us. When we headed back we were facing the wind. Despite not being windy, there was still enough of a breeze to make it hard work, especially for two people who did not canoe at all last year. Looking for a little 2-3 HP motor for these situations.

Dresden Plate update: I've been making excellent progress sewing my plates to the background fabric. I'm using Robert Kaufman solid fabric from The Busy Thimble. It looks like muslin without the specks and is a very nice quality. I'm on #12; well on my way to completing the 16. Yesterday I downloaded the Audible app on my phone and started listening to Endurance. I have not been a subscriber for several years but I can still listen to my books in the library. What could be more enjoyable than hand sewing and listening to a good (true) story.

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